Certified by WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg Himself

Certificate from WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg

I don’t even know what to say. I’d like to thank my God, parents, my wife, my kids, my clients, my college professors, that friend who first introduced me to the web, Al Gore for inventing it…

Obviously this isn’t a real certification…but IS hilarious! It’s a product of Matt Mullenweg’s recent public conversations with Chris Pearson, founder of Thesis, over what the WordPress GPL does and does not mean for theme frameworks built on top of it. See this Mixergy interview (with Andrew Warner) for a complete explanation from both gentlemen including the famous “three most important” quote.

By the way, Pearson did finally agree to a partial GPL with Thesis so all is well again.

A huge thank you to Matt for sending not only this certificate (sure to be framed) but some other WordPress swag along with it. Very cool to see that not only is he a coding genius and successful entrepreneur, but he’s got a fantastic sense of humor.

PS – Just for fun, here’s my appearance on Mixergy earlier this year.

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  1. Did he send this to you?

    Is he sending it to others?

  2. At one point during the Twitter debate he mentioned he was giving away WordPress shirts to anyone who wanted one, so I emailed him and I think I asked if it said “I’m one of the top 3 people in WordPress.” Hey, I’ll be offended if he sent this to everyone! :) Ha ha. I got a good laugh when I opened the package and saw this certificate with the shirt and other goodies.

    Good work on your part getting those two on your show at the same time!

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