The Warm Fuzzy Feeling of a New Website

Ladies and gentlemen, after months of trying to fit in time to develop and launch the next version my own site on the side of client projects…I have finally succeeded.

Well, it’s not entirely complete yet. I’m still missing the video content that I promised myself I’d put together with this release. I’m still working on most of the project descriptions for the Work page. I’m sure that I’ve got some bugs in older versions of Internet Explorer.

But I’ve got the two main pieces in place that have been long in need of updating: Recent client quotes about my work and an updated gallery of recent projects.

As I outlined in my previous post…long ago…my plan was to release v3 of the site on the Genesis Framework (it is), make the design cleaner and more open (I think it is), make the layout responsive (it is – check it on your iPhone or iPad), and make it easier for me to update (it is times 100 – custom post types FTW!). Again, the video piece will be coming sooner than later, but I’m digging the upgrades. I’m also excited that it’s going to be a lot easier for me to completely change design elements from time to time.

Maybe I’ll even update the blog once in a while. :)

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