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Upselling: I Get It, But I Don’t Like It

I’ve been hanging on to my trusty iPhone 4 for as long as possible, and with today’s iPhone 5s launch, the time to say goodbye has arrived. This morning I placed a call to Verizon to go through the upgrade process. Everything was going fine until we got to that awkward part of the conversation where they started…

…the upsell.

Reflections from WordCamp Minneapolis 2013

I’m somewhere over Utah right now on a flight to San Francisco, so I figured this would be a good time to type up a few thoughts on my experience at WordCamp Minneapolis last weekend. Originally I wasn’t planning on attending this year’s event just because of all the weekend traveling we’re doing in May. […]

I’m Dave Yankowiak, And This Is How I Work

I am borrowing the concept for this post from Bob Stanke who first got the idea from Lifehacker. My answers to the following set of questions will give you insight into my work life and might even give you a few things to try on your own. Here we go… Name: Dave Yankowiak Occupation: Owner & Web Developer, […]

How To Stop Facebook From Using Your Profile In Ads

A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook asking me about Wix, a do-it-yourself platform for building websites. He said that he noticed I “liked” Wix on Facebook. In fact, my profile was being shown in sponsored advertising for them in the Facebook timeline. This was not okay.

A Closer Look At The New Features Coming in WordPress 3.4

My friend Shawn Hesketh from WP101* recently put together this excellent video walk-through of the top new features coming soon in WordPress version 3.4.

The theme preview and customization features looks especially useful for me as a lot of times I’m helping clients who are already on WordPress get set up on a new WordPress theme (Genesis-powered, of course). This will allow me to preview and easily interact with the existing site content in the new theme without having to push it live right away.