Upselling: I Get It, But I Don’t Like It

I’ve been hanging on to my trusty iPhone 4 for as long as possible, and with today’s iPhone 5s launch, the time to say goodbye has arrived. This morning I placed a call to Verizon to go through the upgrade process. Everything was going fine until we got to that awkward part of the conversation where they started…

…the upsell.

The New Way to Chat: Quick Review of the Airtime App

This week saw the launch of a new social networking app from Napster-founders Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning called Airtime. I had a chance to try it out on Tuesday and I will add my voice to the hype and say that I’m very impressed. Sure, there were a few minor bugs but the second I first connected to someone else in the one-on-one video chat, I “got it.”

How I Learned My Lesson About Hard Disk Failure And Having A File Backup Strategy

Did you know that June is Backup Awareness Month? Yeah, I didn’t know either until I saw a recent post by Backblaze.

I am, however, fully aware of the importance of a good file backup system.

In this day and age where just about everything we do is digital, making sure you have dependable backups of all your files is that much more important. Think about it: Your photos are digital. Your videos are digital. Your documents are digital. Much of your communication is digital (email, Skype, etc.).

Knowing When To Redesign Your Website Before People Start To Laugh

I get asked this question quite a bit: How long before your website design becomes “old”? If you are craigslist, the answer is never. Or maybe right away. (C’mon craigslist, at least change your fonts and link colors!) But for the rest of us with a desire to have a fresh design that doesn’t become […]

How The American Girl Store Blew My Mind

Earlier this week, my family and I took a day off and spent some time at Minnesota’s famous Mall of America. My girls had received some passes to the Nickelodeon Universe amusement park and we decided to break the doldrums of late winter and put them to use. We had a blast riding roller coasters, the merry-go-round, the log chute, and of course the swings.

I’ve been to the mega-mall many times, but this was the first time we’ve ever gone with our kids. It made for an entirely new experience. We didn’t go into many stores, but the ones we did visit were not those that I’d normally browse. Case in point: The American Girl store.