How To Stop Facebook From Using Your Profile In Ads

A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook asking me about Wix, a do-it-yourself platform for building websites. He said that he noticed I “liked” Wix on Facebook. In fact, my profile was being shown in sponsored advertising for them in the Facebook timeline. This was not okay.

Using Google’s Keyword Tool To Find Long Tail Keywords For Blog Posts

In today’s screencast, I demonstrate a simple process that I use to find long tail keywords for each of my blog posts. I don’t go too crazy with SEO methods each time I have a post, but using Google’s keyword tool is a simple and easy way to make sure that you’re using keywords that are at least getting some traffic. You don’t want to limit yourself by focusing on keywords and phrases that aren’t getting any search traffic whatsoever.

Offer Email Subscriptions To Your WordPress Blog Posts Using Jetpack

Are you using Jetpack?

Jetpack is a free WordPress plugin created by Automattic, the company run by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. It doesn’t have a specific function but rather a wide assortment of functionality including built-in stats for your site, easy sharing options, shortlinks, instant sharing to search engines, and more. I’ve had it hooked up on this site ever since its release last year, but with my recent re-launch I utilized one feature I hadn’t before: Email subscriptions to my blog posts.

Easy iPhone Tethering Without Having To Jailbreak Your Phone

When I first made the switch from a regular mobile phone (A Motorola Razr!) to a smartphone (Palm Pre Plus) a few years ago, the feature I loved the most was the built-in WiFi hotspot. This feature was actually included in my Verizon plan at no extra charge and allowed me to easily get online with my MacBook Pro using the Pre’s 3G Internet connection. I thrive on being able to do my job from just about anywhere, and this made that possible.

The Pre worked great for a little while, but then it started to have problems. Verizon sent me a replacement and that worked fine for a while longer. Finally, that one died as well so I made the long-awaited leap to the iPhone in early 2011.

Everything about the iPhone was better than the Pre: Better graphics, better speed, better apps. But the one thing that was missing was the WiFi hotspot which was no longer included in my plan. For an extra $20/month I could add this feature onto my plan, but it’s hard to pay extra for something that 1) I use, but not on a regular basis and 2) was once included in my base plan.

The Growing Importance of Using Images With Blog Posts

I’ve written plenty of blog posts that didn’t have a featured image, but lately I’ve been realizing how important it is to use at least one good photo in each of as many posts that you possibly can.

A few years back, most people were mostly reading your blog posts either 1) on your site itself, 2) in some sort of feed aggregator such as Google Reader, or 3) by email through an RSS email subscription service.