Knowing When To Redesign Your Website Before People Start To Laugh

I get asked this question quite a bit: How long before your website design becomes “old”? If you are craigslist, the answer is never. Or maybe right away. (C’mon craigslist, at least change your fonts and link colors!) But for the rest of us with a desire to have a fresh design that doesn’t become […]

The Toughest Website to Build…

…is always your own.

I’m currently working on another re-launch of The first launch was in early 2008 when I first went full-time with the venture, version two was released August 2010, and this will be version three.

It’s crazy how after just 12 months I feel like the current site is completely out-dated and my capabilities as a web developer have improved immensely. I think a big part of it is just the evolution of WordPress (my platform of choice) and my switch to doing 99.9% of new website projects on the Genesis framework. Genesis really allows me to add in a lot of useful options into a new client website right from the start.